Blackburn Chamber HV floor pump review

"Blackburn has been making innovative cycling accessories since 1975. With high volume, camo and orange colors and steel construction, their Chamber HV floor pump is aimed at mountain bikers through and through. 

Blackburn Chamber HV features

  • Oversize pump shaft for extra durability
  • Pump head features rugged alloy cap and lever
  • Super long 47" hose to reach valves in stands or car racks
  • Convenient integrated hose keeper on handle
  • PSI and Bar increments on gauge, with vibrant color matched background
  • 50 PSI, 3.4 Bar maximum

Blackburn Chamber HV inflation time

Squeezing air from one chamber to another can be done in two ways: with big volumes at low pressures, or small volumes at high pressures.

Floor pumps are typically high pressure affairs, often delivering inflation numbers up to 120psi and well beyond, even up to 220 psi. While that covers the gamut from ultra-low pressure fat bike tires to high-zoot track racing tubulars, it doesn't do much in terms of precision. And when half a psi makes a noticeable difference, as with fat bikes or even plus size rubber, that precision is paramount."

- Russell Eich