Bell's Sean Coffey Comments on Latest Helmet Tech

Through distributor ZyroFisher, Bell Helmets has experienced a number of significant successes in recent years, with top athletes such as Danny Hart and Rachel Atherton wearing its products on their way to becoming World Champions.

The brand’s 2017 helmet collection builds on its success in the MTB category with a range of Road helmets that feature a host of performance and safety innovations.

We sat down with Bell’s Sean Coffey who gave us an insight into Bell Helmets: “We are in a constant state of brainstorming and concept development. That’s why Bell has so many technology ‘firsts’ within the cycling helmet realm. The Bell Zephyr was a ground-up development with the goal of pushing the boundaries in terms of energy management, maximum ventilation and incredible fit and comfort. Concepts like Progressive Layering made sense to consider as it allows us to create an incredibly complex structure for absorbing a broad spectrum of impacts.”

The Progressive Layering in Bell’s Zephyr is more than just the use two different densities of EPS foam, it’s also the replacement of the internal nylon roll cage support structure with a second in-molded polycarbonate shell for the inner layer, essentially two helmets in one. This approach allowed Bell to meet their energy management goals while also incorporating some exceptionally aggressive vents.


First Look: Bell Zephyr MIPS Helmet

It’s been a while since road helmets offered much in the way of genuine innovation, so the release of Bell’s new Zephyr might be something to get excited about.

Where most use a polycarbonate shell to house a single-density EPS liner, the Zephyr’s EPS is dual-density, essentially two shells nestled one inside the other. 

Progressive Layering

‘We’ve called this Progressive Layering,’ says Bell’s Sean Coffey.

‘It creates a structure for absorbing a broad spectrum of impacts – regular EPS for severe impact protection, over lower-density EPS that reduces transmitted forces at lower speeds.’

What’s more, the two densities vary in thickness based on Bell’s crash research data on where different types of crash are most likely to impact the helmet. 


Bell has backed up the Zephyr’s unique shell with additional security in the form of an integrated MIPS liner in its Float Fit Race retention system.

MIPS, available in several brands’ helmets but never before integrated, is a plastic insert that moves independently of the shell to reduce twisting forces on the skull and neck in the event of an impact.


Best GoPro Videos of 2016, According to GoPro

The world looks a little different when shot from a GoPro. The small, nearly indestructible cameras give a first-person point of view to everything from base-jumping to fire eating to Brazilian capoeira. The videos offer a front row seat to an extreme sport for couch dwellers, or maybe just those who can’t afford extreme adventures, and are always fun to watch.

Now, GoPro has a compiled an impressive, adrenaline-fueled collection of what they believe are the best GoPro videos of 2016. The ones that made the cut capture incredible events like Australian stunt driver Matt Mingay performing a dizzying drive on two wheels, basketball star Devin Williams sinking shot after shot, and dazzling shots taken from airplanes, hot air balloons, skis, dragon boats, water slides, sheep runs, surfboards, among many others.


Blackburn Chamber HV floor pump review

"Blackburn has been making innovative cycling accessories since 1975. With high volume, camo and orange colors and steel construction, their Chamber HV floor pump is aimed at mountain bikers through and through. 

Blackburn Chamber HV features

  • Oversize pump shaft for extra durability
  • Pump head features rugged alloy cap and lever
  • Super long 47" hose to reach valves in stands or car racks
  • Convenient integrated hose keeper on handle
  • PSI and Bar increments on gauge, with vibrant color matched background
  • 50 PSI, 3.4 Bar maximum

Blackburn Chamber HV inflation time

Squeezing air from one chamber to another can be done in two ways: with big volumes at low pressures, or small volumes at high pressures.

Floor pumps are typically high pressure affairs, often delivering inflation numbers up to 120psi and well beyond, even up to 220 psi. While that covers the gamut from ultra-low pressure fat bike tires to high-zoot track racing tubulars, it doesn't do much in terms of precision. And when half a psi makes a noticeable difference, as with fat bikes or even plus size rubber, that precision is paramount."

- Russell Eich


Yakima Cargo Boxes: California Grown


Raw sheets – made from up to 80% recycled material – are thermoformed into shape.

source: Yakima

source: Yakima

A rough cut is made by machine then gets trimmed by hand for a precise, clean finish.

source: Yakima

source: Yakima

A skilled, trained team member carefully installs hinges, locks and hardware.

Source: Yakima

Source: Yakima

The box is thoroughly inspected, polished up and ready to ship.

source: Yakima

source: Yakima

source: Yakima

source: Yakima

Sport Tech Sales Launches new website

Sarasota, FL (July 22, 2016) Sport Tech Sales Group has launched a new Sales Agency Mobile1st website with REPatron. Over 60% of web traffic is from mobile devices and the new website is also designed to share social content across all the popular services. is also the first REPatron powered site to include Brand Dealer Locator Services linked to .

Sport Tech Sales is an established multi-rep and multi-sport sales agency serving the Greater Mid-Atlantic market.  Led by partners Vince Criscenzo and Tom Harsh, Sport Tech Sales Group represents leading lines such as GoProGiroYakimaBlackburnBellPowerBar & Avex

"I've been able to work with Sport Tech Sales for several years now and they are a progressive agency that is always looking out for their retailers," says Peter Pawlus, Principal at REPatron. "Vince and Tom were one of my early customers and we're excited to incorporate new Mobile1st features and add the links to help consumers find local retailers for their brands."

SNEWs Press Release:

For More Info, please contact:
Peter Pawlus
Principal, REPatron & Founder Outdoor Rep Directory

Sport Tech Sales Group
100 Highwood Avenue
Midland Park, NJ 07432